Team-based digital product engineering

Our services include full-stack services from strategy, product design, engineering, and operations.
We use highly productive 21st century technologies to create our exceptional solutions.

How it works

01 Contact Us

You can contract us to implement full-stack solutions from strategy to operations. In this setup we will be operating like an internal team with clear objectives and an own budget. We work on time and material basis with an always ready to stop policy.

02 We Find A Solution

Our true belief and extensive experience proof that we are right, is that we will find smaller, better, and even unexpected solutions that way. You are in control of the context and we operate the team at optimal setup within.

03 Support of your teams

Our offerings also include the support of your teams, the integration of teams of different parties as well as the accompaniment during the team development. In these setups we switch to the coaching and enablement mode.

Get to Know Us

Judith Kuhnt

Judith Kuhnt

Systemic coaching and change advisory with over 10 years experience in management consulting.
Markus Kuhnt

Markus Kuhnt

Full-stack strategist with years of experience in developing strategies and digital solutions.

Work with us

We want to work with the best developers, designers, system operators and quality assurance specialists.