Spyware for employee control? Be responsible adults and trust each other!

We are aware that many companies do not allow their employees a home office due to a lack of trust or only to a very limited extent. What I find really shocking is that companies that earn their money with remote workers use software that spies on them and keeps a close eye on whether they are "working". For example, screenshots of the computer are regularly taken using the time tracking tool.

Even worse, such practices are already circulating as tips for organizing the remote work "forced" by Covid-19.

This attitude is wrong on so many levels.

The otherwise already annoying and ineffective Micro Management from the office is transferred to the remote working world in an even worse way.

This reflects an image of humanity that we neither tolerate as colleagues, employees nor as bosses.

When will you finally start trusting your employees?

Of course there are always a few rotten eggs or people who are in a situation that may not allow them to be as fully available for work or at times as they should be. But an environment of trust is certainly rewarded here with more transparency than one of fundamental distrust - if you control me, I'll cheat you!

There is also a much more sensible way to measure the commitment and skills of your employees: By their work results!!!

If something is wrong here, there is a need for clarification.

In addition, there are many ways to achieve a work result. For example, I love to think about solutions on paper or if I get stuck somewhere, to exchange ideas with a colleague or even to take a walk sometimes and get the right idea.

Being present, whether at a workstation or in front of a computer, does not guarantee you a good job. The risk of demotivating, antagonizing or even losing employees through control is so much higher.

In the best case, however, they have such a good relationship with their colleagues and / or employees that they know in advance if something is not going well. If you don't think it's worth investing this time in your employees, you shouldn't lead and certainly not earn money from your employees.

Treat each other in an adult and emphatic manner. Always. But especially now, when external circumstances do not make life easy on an organizational and emotional level.

Stay healthy!

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