Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS)

Our state-of-the-art software applications run smoothly because we work relentlessly on quality assurance and the necessary tests. In a certain way, we are obsessed with the idea of testing our products from top to bottom and along the important core processes. This rigorous quality assurance is fundamental to our work and lets us sleep soundly at night.

Our Service-Offering

In addition to being an integral part of our regular project teams, we also offer Quality Assurance (QA) as an independent service. In this case, we supplement an existing system with measures from the quality assurance repertoire. Two forms are typically encountered here: QA Uplifting and System-Level Testing.

QA Uplifting

The so-called whitebox testing allows to check the product quality in early stages of the development by specific tests, but at the same time to ensure the specification compliance. Famous (but also notorious) here is the so-called Test Driven Development (TDD).

In QA Uplifting, our development and test experts complement your existing team and work on the effective introduction of this early form of quality assurance. In this way, practices and procedures are taught and applied in practice, which on the one hand have proven their worth but can also be tailored specifically to your situation.

This type of testing establishes the basis in the test pyramid.

Blackbox / System-Level Testing

Another form of structured testing is integration or system testing. These are often also called black box tests, as they examine the system as a whole without explicit knowledge of the internals. All components of a system are also used here, which are then tested in unison during the test. Often the tests are structured along entire process chains and thus test user interface, included services, workflows, APIs and much more. These tests are comparatively complex, but achieve a high level of significance with regard to the overall system and the underlying business value.

In contrast to QA Uplifting we have very good experience to complement the customer team in the development process with a separate small QA team. This separate perspective provides exciting insights into the system quality and also allows for a corresponding specialization of the teams.

This test type complements the basis of the pyramid and establishes its top.

Our View on Quality Assurance

Always the right approach

Testing is not a run-of-the-mill project, but requires the right approach to be effective. Starfish.team selects testing procedures that fit the requirements of your project. This is how we approach MVP developments differently than in the key phase of a complicated go-live.

Automation is everything

There are aspects of quality assurance that cannot be economically automated and therefore manual work in the sense of test execution is appropriate. Everything else is automated.
With this approach, each development step is accompanied by a set of codified expectations for the system. In this way, we at Starfish.team ensure that quality is constantly improving. We test common user procedures together with so-called edge cases to ensure a smooth process for everyone. These automations work much faster than a group of people could ever be.

Embedded in Your System Landscape

Systems are very rarely on the famous greenfield site and are closely embedded and intertwined with existing internal and external systems. These constellations often cause complications which, in the worst case, lead to necessary integration tests not being carried out.
Starfish.team has extensive experience in dealing with third party systems (even decades old legacy systems). We have developed procedures and methods to ensure the reach of the tests and to test the various interface contracts between the systems as much as possible.