If you feel addressed, you are a developer who pays a lot of attention to details but doesn't lose sight of the big picture. You feel comfortable in every corner of the Java ecosystem and you have extensive experience with Spring Framework building rock solid backend systems.

In our teams you work together with like-minded colleagues and are accompanied by our coaching team. You’ll be able to work 100% remotely, and we are looking for someone that can grow with our products for years to come.

Although our teams work on project assignments this is a long-term contract role (years, our hope is forever 🙃) full-time (40 hours per week). You will invoice us on a monthly basis the actual hours you’ve worked. Benefits of this setup are dedication to a team and interesting projects, working from wherever you like and basically no need for permission to take time off.

You're a perfect fit if you...

…are not representing a company

…are a badass backend engineer

...have experiences in payment and banking industry

…are self-disciplined

…have a great work ethic and love to learn new things

…have strong communication skills

…have the expected qualification and engineering skills

Qualification and engineering Skills

  • Java

  • Spring Framework

  • Postgresql

  • Service Architecture

We only accept applications from individuals as contractors.

Any request or application from companies will not be processed.