starfish is the full-stack payment boutique for the 21st century

Starfish is a remote-first organisation to include the best talent around the globe. Our experienced and highly-skilled distributed teams spans more than fifteen countries and four continents.

With our specialist focus on payment and banking, we provide many different industries with innovative services and products. However, we pay special attention to the automotive industry and mobility solutions.

We've chosen the name starfish, because we believe in the unstoppable power of decentralised organisations.


The unstoppable power of decentralized organizations

The unstoppable power of decentralized organizations is the inspiration behind our company ethos and our values.

We're honest with you from the start. Our role is to tell you how it is, regardless of any agenda. This honesty is the foundation of our commitment to great products. We strive to build lasting relationships based on trust and to become a true partner to each and every one of our customers.

We are always in search of the big picture before we have a solution proposal. When working on a project, we want to understand the business goal, the project team's goals, and the user's needs.

Thinking about what users need when you're building something is second nature. So our proposals, reports, wireframes, and everything we create is designed to make life easier for the people who will use it.

We believe that the work we do will make a difference. Before we deliver a piece of work, we always ask ourselves if we really believe it will solve the problem, if it will lead to business benefits, and if it will make a difference to you.

We are non-hierarchical and want everyone to feel included, empowered, heard, respected, safe and confident to be themselves. We are privileged to select our team internationally, and we embrace diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect.


The passion for great solutions meets great teamwork

Here at starfish, we believe that teamwork, knowledge sharing and a real passion for great products is achieved by building on the shoulders of giants – diverse teams of experienced engineers, designers, and consultants from all over the world. Our values are central to everything we do. They run in the starfish DNA. When you work with us, you can expect these values to shine through from when we first meet.