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  • August 10

    Starfish joins FIDO alliance

    Starfish joins FIDO alliance to revolutionize In-Vehicle Payment The world of payment and banking is constantly evolving, and the automotive industry is experiencing revolutionary changes. In-vehicle …
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  • August 3

    Starfish joins COVESA alliance

    Starfish joins COVESA Alliance to drive innovation in connected vehicle systems Innovation in connected vehicle systems is revolutionizing the automotive industry, and Starfish is taking a giant …
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  • July 21

    Expansion of Starfish into Starfish Sun

    Introducción Desde nuestra fundación en 2009, hemos crecido constantemente, y hemos llegado a un hito importante en nuestro desarrollo. Con Starfish Sun España, llevamos nuestros procesos de …
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  • May 24

    Positive feedback culture

    Introduction Working for a young, diverse, and fully remote company has many advantages, but it also has challenges. One of those is how we resolve conflict between each other through effective …
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  • April 12

    Starfish's journey with Kotlin

    We are proud to announce our sponsorship of KotlinConf’23, which will take place in Amsterdam from April 12 - April 14. As a bronze sponsor, we will be supporting this exciting event. Our developers, …
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  • April 11

    Starfish's journey with Elixir

    This year we are sponsoring the Elixir conference in Lisbon as a Diversity & Inclusion sponsor. Together with the other sponsors, we as a company have specific goals that we would like to achieve …
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  • March 24

    Delegated Authentication: Seamless and secure online payments

    Introduction In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, providing customers with a simple, user-friendly checkout experience is vital to reducing cart abandonment rates and improving conversion. …
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  • February 10

    Diversity & Inclusion within Starfish’s remote working culture

    As the world becomes more interconnected, it is crucial for businesses to embrace diversity in their workforce by tapping into the talents of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It …
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  • January 10

    How to approach payments in a B2B marketplace in Japan?

    1. Introduction Paying suppliers and other business partners can be a challenge in any setting, and this is especially true in Japan. With its unique regulations and security measures, as well as the …
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  • December 29

    The Beginner’s Guide to Payment Orchestration

    Making payments to vendors, customers and other third parties can be a complicated process. Managing multiple payment methods, currencies, and processing rules requires complex integration with the …
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